Paratherm™ GP Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm™ GP Heat Transfer Fluid



Paratherm GP is a premium-grade heat transfer fluid engineered to outperform standard mineral oils in the chemical and gas processing industries. Paratherm GP offers outstanding performance to 600°F with low vapor pressure and excellent thermal stability.
The unique chemical structure of Paratherm GP is carefully engineered to resist thermal cracking at elevated temperatures and resists fouling and coking even when pushed to the limits.

  • Exceptional thermal stability vs standard mineral oils
  • Low volatility
  • Film temperature to 650°F
  • Inherently resists fouling of heat exchange surfaces

Applications include:

  • Gas Processing
  • Chemical Processing

Paratherm GP is designed for reliable, consistent performance with little maintenance even when operated at or near the maximum bulk temperature. For best results, Paratherm recommends routine fluid analysis of all heat transfer fluids at least once per year.


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