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Pretty simple, right? It’s a liquid, seal it in containers in a range of sizes.

Yes, it seems simple, but there are a few complexities. Here’s a summary of delivery presentations for Paratherm products, which include heat transfer fluids, system cleaning liquids, and an additive for stopping oxidation.

Let’s start with our Big Systems support.


Bulk Shipments with Tank Wagons


Bulk shipments require a delivery schedule at time of order. Changes made to confirmed delivery schedules subject to additional charges, including for additional storage (beyond 21 days) if requested. 6000 gallons is the recommended capacity of a tank truck. Lower quantities can be arranged. For quantities less than 4000 gallons we recommend IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) which we call Totes. Other terms and conditions apply, covering unloading time, demurrage, tank trailer rental, hose diameter and distance, fittings, and maximum fill height. Call or email for details.


The smallest quantity commercially available is the 5-gallon (19-liter) pail.
Most products are presented in a polyethylene pail with a sealed cap. Paratherm CR is shipped in a steel pail.
A 5-gallon pail of heat transfer fluid
weighs approximately 40 lbs. Some
people order 10 or 15 (50-75 gallons)
pails even though fluid in 55-gallon drums is considerably less expensive due to the volume discount. Why? Their circumstances (storage, handling,
charging their equipment)
make the smaller container much more convenient. And pails don’t require
fork-lift attachments, etc.


All Paratherm drums are 55-gallon (208-liter) steel, unlined and sealed with white plastic bung covers on both the 2″ threaded bung and the 3/4″ vent bung. If these seals are ever missing or appear tampered with on a newly delivered drum, contact your Paratherm sales engineer or customer service. 55-gallon drums weigh approximately 440 pounds each. The
drum itself (the steel) weighs about 40 pounds. Paratherm uses brand-new,
food-product rated drums, even when the product itself isn’t food-grade certified. Drums can be shipped on pallets,
strapped or stretch wrapped.



1000 liter (264.2 gallon) cage totes consist of a polyethylene bottle inside a tubular steel shipping frame presented on a standardized built-in pallet. Empty totes are fully recyclable/reusable. Valve and instructions provided. Cage totes come with unloading valve attached.


76 or 80 55-gallon drums fit conveniently into a modern 20-foot shipping container, double stacked, for ocean going international deliveries to major ports and container freight stations. Approximately 120 drums can be shipped in a 40-foot shipping container. The reason the practical capacity of a 40′ isn’t double the capacity of a 20′ container is because of road-weight limits. Flexitanks and Isotanks are also available for international shipments; these are heavy-duty flexible inserts for lining shipping containers, chemically compatible with the fluids, for bulk quantities up to 300 gallons.


For further information on heat transfer fluids, system cleaners, and related services, call Paratherm toll free at
(800) 222-3611 in the US and Canada, at +1 610-941-4900 for international inquiries.